One Comment on “21st Jan 2018 PM New Year, New Perspective”

  1. I have just listened to Michaels preaching on Perspective and I really needed to hear it. Seeing things from a heavenly perspective and knowing tbat tbere is a bigger picture and that we can trust God to see us through the valleys and to know that tbey are all part of tbe bigger picture and he will work all things together for our good is reassuring when we dont understand what is going on. GODS ways are not our ways he says lean not on your own understanding but in all your ways acknowlexge him and he will make your path straight. The word of God is living and active and is his promise to us to encourage and heal and bring about the peace that wr need in times of challenge in our lives. I for 1 will trust in the Lord and look to his word and hold on until I see the bigger picture start to emerge . It will be good for this year is the year of blessings for his people . So we will raisr our perspective to a heavenly one and look down on the circumstances with hope in our hearts. Thank you Michael I wasnt with you last week but have been encouraged by your preaching.

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